What are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall cases are one of the most common causes of injury, resulting in over one million emergency room visits. Often, slip and fall accidents can lead to serious consequences and long-lasting injury. Slip and fall incidents are unique in that your fall must not be of your own negligence. Slippery floors, misplaced objects or obstructions on the floor or even hazardous conditions such as cracked sidewalks are all leading causes in most slip and fall cases. Several factors must be taken into consideration when determining the cause and fault of a slip and fall injury, and the expert personal injury attorneys at Powell & Associates have nearly a century of collective experience in doing so.

Who Can be Held Accountable?

In order to be considered for a slip and fall injury case, Powell & Associates must first rule out carelessness as the reason behind your fall. For example, a reasonable person would be able to determine a large hole in the floor or sidewalk is a highly dangerous condition and would reasonably navigate around that. However, if it is a highly, unnoticeable hazardous condition in which the owner had ample time to repair or improve, that owner is acting negligent.

Once the fall is determined not of your own negligence, the property owner where your slip and fall injury occurred is at fault. Property owners, whether it be in a public or private venue, are responsible for the upkeep of safe environments. Poor lighting, limited visibility, or lack of timely repair or caution for a pothole or crack in the floor can all put the owner at risk of fault.

The Atlanta attorneys at Powell & Associates are here to help you determine whether you have a claim in a slip and fall case.

We Can Help You Rule Out Negligence

While it is the property owner’s responsibility to makes sure they provide a safe environment for all visitors, a court must be able to rule out negligence on your behalf. This often requires proof that you used proper care to navigate even sometimes unsafe conditions. Slipping on water with clearly mark signage because you were walking too fast is not going to rest on the owner. Walking too fast across icy conditions and tripping over objects that may have just fallen by not paying attention are other forms of negligence that will remove the owner from fault.

If you feel you have taken the proper precautions and have a slip and fall case, Powell & Associates can help you on the path to receiving the just compensation you deserve.

Always File a Report

Whenever a slip and fall incident occurs on another person’s property, it is important to remember to fill out a report. This provides proof that the fall did occur as well as the injuries you sustained at the time of the incident. This report should begin with the property owner, include any witnesses and any further medical attention received. Be sure to note the conditions, the precautions you took to avoid the fall and any other factors leading to your slip and fall.

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