Side-Impact Collisions

Car accidents are frightening, confusing events for everyone involved – especially for side-impact collisions as neither party usually sees the crash coming.

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What is a Side-Impact Collision?

Side-impact collisions are also known as broadsided or T-bone accidents, and happen when the side of one vehicle is hit by the front or rear of another vehicle. Most commonly, side-impact collisions occur in intersections and parking lots, where cars are traveling perpendicular to one another.

These accidents also occur when drivers run red lights or stop signs or when a driver fails to check behind them before pulling out of a parking spot.

Common Injuries from Side-Impact Collisions

As with all car accidents, the severity of car damage and injury to passengers involved in a side-impact collision will depend on the type of vehicle that is struck, what it is struck by, and the speeds involved. Of course, additional factors make a difference, like safety features in the vehicle and seat belt use, but those are the main three.

Unfortunately, side-impact crashes kill more people each year than rear-end and head-on collisions combined. The safety features on modern vehicles are geared more toward protecting drivers and passengers from front and rear end accidents. Due to the lack of safety installation standards in vehicles today, the types of injuries suffered in a side-impact collision can vary greatly. Ranging from injuries to the head, ears, neck, back, legs, pelvis, ribs, and shoulders, broadside collisions are dangerous and unpredictable.

Depending on your seat in the vehicle and what side of your vehicle was struck, the severity of your injury will vary. Not only does your injury depend on position in the accident but the speed and force of the impact will affect the severity of sustained injuries as well.

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